Due to the serious impact of the coronovirus on the health of our community, we have put together a plan to manage the wellbeing of the WealthPartner’s Team and our clients.

As we are being directed by the health authorities to practice social distancing, and as we want to do our part to prevent the spread of the disease, we have offered and developed plans for some of our staff to work remotely where possible. We will review the remote working arrangement over the coming weeks and update you accordingly should the status change.

Consequently your Financial Adviser or other WealthPartners team members may not actually be situated in the office at Milsons Point for the near future. We have, however, put significant resources into ensuring all of our team are set up at home to be able to attend to all work responsibilities in exactly the same way as if they were in the office. We anticipate no disruption to our clients’ work and as far as we are concerned it is business as usual. Our office remains open and will have minimal staff during business hours.

If you are trying to get hold of a team member please continue to phone the office on 02 9955 1988 and, if the team member is not physically in the office, the message will be conveyed onto the team member immediately.

In relation to face to face meetings in upcoming weeks, we encourage you to consider the options of either a telephone conference or video/virtual meeting (including Microsoft Teams or Skype). To avoid the possible spread of the virus we are trying to limit the amount of physical contact being made. Your Adviser will be able to help you organise a virtual meeting if need be.  We are more than happy to assist you with set up.

We believe that by taking these precautions and implementing a proactive plan now, we can help all concerned by minimising face-to-face contact in the best interests of the safety of our team and our clients.

We hope you understand the reason for the plan and support us in our strategy to limit the effect of the coronavirus. At a time like this the safety of our team, their families, our clients and their staff and families, is paramount.

Should you have any questions or concerns in relation to this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.