My wife and I were at a point in our lives where we owned several properties, we
had both been working hard for many years and had some cash in the bank, but
felt we were lacking in expert financial direction to help us achieve maximum
wealth from our assets. Even though I had a basic knowledge of finance and
superannuation, I wanted us to achieve our ultimate goal of early retirement. I
mentioned our dream to a colleague who recommended Andrew at

Even though I trusted my good colleague’s advice I wanted to review and search
for other financial planners, just to be 100% confident I was choosing the right one. I
spoke with three other planners and without a doubt Andrew’s advice and
approach was far superior.

I arranged my first initial meeting with Andrew back in 2004 and we hit it off instantly,
his depth of knowledge was impressive and his approach directed us to have a
clear strategy in place which took into account our own desires. Andrew provided
me with the confidence that my investments would gain me the financial freedom
and lifestyle we now have, and most importantly, trusted him completely with our
financial affairs.

Andrew is a lateral thinker and uses first class tools to provide valuable financial
information. The only real financial obstacle we have encountered during our time
as WealthPartners’ clients was the GFC. However, Andrew always provided me
reassurance and confidence that my investment plan was solid and would therefore
survive – he was right!

My advice is to learn to trust an expert, but also to educate yourself as best you can.
Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and don’t wait to seek advice. Looking back, my
only regret would be that we did not seek financial advice earlier. Whilst we are
comfortable and extremely lucky to be in the financial situation we are now in, I am
sure if had started our journey with WealthPartners earlier we would be in an even
better situation.

Andrew (and WealthPartners) have helped us achieve our dream of early retirement
and much more. We have a wonderful life, have a property in Italy which we travel
to frequently, and often tour through Europe on our motorbike. We very firmly
believe that having a solid plan and expert guidance has enabled us to achieve our
dream retirement.