Q Can you advise what is the maximum INCOME level one can have to apply for a Centrelink Pension.  This is for a married couple.


A There are 2 tests that apply when determining your entitlements to the Age Pension.  An Assets Test and an Incomes Test.  Centrelink determine Pension entitlements on whichever test provides the lowest Pension entitlement.  To qualify for the Age Pension, a couple is entitled to part pension as long as their combined assessable income is less than $2,542 per fortnight ($66,092pa). The Assets Test limit for couples owning a home is $1,024,500 or for non homeowners $1,159,500.  Please note these figures are subject to change on 1 July 2012.


Q In relation to the Clean Energy Advance. Is there any benefit due to us as self funded retirees in our 70’s? Our only income is allocated pension from our own invested funds. Taxable income is zero. We do have a Centrelink Seniors Health card.  We have had no communication from any Government departments on Carbon Tax benefit.

A As you hold a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card and presumably receive the Seniors Supplement you will automatically receive a Clean Energy Advance on 25 June 2012 of $380 as a couple combined.  According to the Clean Energy Advance Website, If you have a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, but do not receive the Seniors Supplement you will receive a letter in the mail advising that you need to provide your details to receive the Seniors Supplement and therefore the Clean Energy Advance.  Contact 13 24 68 for further information.