What our clients have to say:

“He was very responsive, helpful and informative.”

Making a difference in our customers’ lives is a value we live by at WealthPartners.  One of our existing clients wanted to stay with their current lender but they were asleep and not meeting the market rates of other lenders, so we gave that lender a wakeup call.  Peter was happy with the outcome as per below.

“I wanted to review my existing mortgages to find a better rate. Jerome at Wealth Partners acted fast to find me a number of comparisons rates which were very attractive. He was very responsive, had direct connections with the banks and was very helpful and informative. With Jerome’s advice and alternative rates, I was able to renegotiate a much better rate with my existing bank. Would use them again!” Peter

Well done Jerome!!

Jerome Mootoo is WealthPartners’ Mortgage Consultant. If you want to schedule an appointment with Jerome please feel free to call the office on 1300 00 1988 or email us on mail@wealthpartners.net.au