‘Whilst I am interested and like to know how things are going, I never worry about the daily ups and downs of the markets.  It does not matter what happens day by day, as I can see that year on year it has continued to grow.’

‘I sleep easily knowing that the company I am dealing with is honest and acts with integrity.  I am always made to feel like I am the only client they have and have developed fantastic working relationships with various members of the team not just Andrew.  I regularly speak with Kunal and Christine who even recognise my voice over the phone.’

‘I am very proud that we have achieved a comfortable retirement, but mostly that Carmel understands that a loss on the market today can be regained tomorrow – she is comfortable with the system and knows that it works’.

Col’s final advice to anyone thinking about getting financial advice or worried about investment performance was this:

‘If you had faith in your original financial advice, don’t change the faith that you had when you started out.  Your Plan has already been set up to have a buffer and can take the hits that come with any investments.  Stick to it as it is a long term strategy’