Earlier this year I was faced with the unexpected and was diagnosed with terminal cancer. As the cancer progressed fairly rapidly, I was no longer well enough to work. I never for one moment thought I would be facing this situation. You always think these things just won’t happen to you.

I had a mortgage, a family to support and bills to pay. The financial worry I had on top of dealing with the diagnosis was very emotional.  The Cancer Council introduced me to Wealth Partners and they were absolutely brilliant, if it wasn’t for them I would not have been aware we could get insurances out of my Super.  WealthPartners was incredibly supportive and understanding and helped to get us a substantial payout.  Having the extra cash has helped us enormously with the bills and mortgage payments. My wife is now able to manage the mortgage payments out of her salary alone. Something we couldn’t have done by ourselves.

The direction and words of encouragement shown to us by Bill has been amazing. I always felt totally at ease, he was extremely genuine and always bent over backwards to help us. I’ve never had anyone who has gone to so much trouble to help us before.

I am now able to achieve some of the things on my wish list, such as doing up a vintage car, visiting Tasmania and Uluru. I’m now facing treatment every two weeks, having less financial worry while I deal with the next stage of my life has given me some direction and time to focus on the next few things on my wish list.

I really have nothing but respect for Bill and the entire team at WealthPartners, I am enormously grateful for everything they have achieved for me.