There never seem to be enough hours in the day to accomplish everything that we need to do.  Between our careers, family, and friends anything that we can do to make our days more productive is usually welcomed with opened arms.

As an addition to our previous post “Start your work day off right” we wanted to share another article from titled “14 Things You Should do at the End of Every Work Day” with some very useful tips on making your work day successful.  How you finish your day at the office will greatly impact your time at home after work as well.  Ensuring that you have tied up all loose ends and have scheduled the following day will help you leave the office where it belongs, and not hanging over you while you should be enjoying time with family and friends.  Bringing work related stress home has been shown to impact on your sleeping habits, family or marriage life, and overall health.

A few of the 14 points stood out the most to the WealthPartners Team; Adam Crabbe and Bill Rainger share their most important points below.

Tidying up your desk or work area and even your inbox is a good idea to help you start the next day off right.  Leaving 15 – 20 minutes at the end of your day to get rid of any excess rubbish, organise your papers and clean up your emails will give you a fresh start.

Adam Crabbe, our Risk Specialist agrees with the idea that tidying up should be a regular part of your day,  “Not only does it look better but makes sure that all the tasks that I may have had to set to one side are completed. Interestingly, the real benefit comes the following morning when I arrive at the office knowing that my desk and office is uncluttered and tidy, ready for a meeting with clients.”

Making a ‘to-do’ list for the following day is also an excellent way to stay organised and helps to eliminate the feeling that you may have forgotten to do something.  Having a general idea of what you need to accomplish the next day will help you manage your time and ensure that your tasks are complete.

Bill Rainger, our Debt & Lending Specialist always makes a to-do list to help stay organised, “Planning your tomorrow at the end of the day allows you to bridge the gap between what you accomplished and what you didn’t. It also helps you see what your priorities were today and what they should be tomorrow. It makes sure you hit the ground running when you arrive the next morning as you know what you have going on.  Always build in sometime in the following morning to deal with client queries or emergencies that may appear overnight.”

Here are the rest of the ways to help you finish your work day on the right note:

  • Evaluate your to-do list
  • Review your schedule for the next day
  • Check in with your boss and colleagues
  • Complete non-peak hour work
  • Get closure
  • Reflect on the day
  • Say good bye
  • Leave on a positive note
  • Be green
  • Disconnect
  • Leave your stress at the door
  • Go home

What other tips and tricks do you do at the end of the work day to help make the following day as productive as possible?