Annie’s story….

I first met Andrew ten years ago in my early 40’s when I was at a stage In my life where I spent every cent I had and lived my life on credit, I was juggling multiple credit cards and paying one off with the other. I knew I had to do something about it as my financial life was spiraling out of unmanageable control but I was enjoying spending and travelling instead of thinking about a secure financial future.

I eventually made the first step in sorting out my finances and contacted Andrew after he was recommended to me. After our first meeting I felt totally at ease with Andrew which made me feel like I could be totally honest with him about my spending, he was brilliant, he listened to me and really was very understanding about my messy financial situation. I walked away thinking I can finally do this!

I found the transition of spending everything I earned to budgeting very difficult to begin with. Six months in to trying to control my finances I found myself not very focused and getting off track, so I destroyed my credit cards and went to see Andrew again. Andrew made me realise I had to do this and if I carried on with the over spending I would be working forever to pay everything off well beyond retirement years. From that day I re focused my whole life and was determined to get out of the debt I was in. I finally changed my bad spending habits and way of thinking, and went from buying expensive designer shoes and clothes on credit to buying things that were affordable and within my budget.

I now have no credit card debt and have recently built my own home, a dream I never thought would happen. I could not of done any of this without Andrew and the team at Wealth Partners. Andrew was instrumental in guiding me the entire way through, I now feel financially comfortable and on the right path.  Each and every team member at Wealth Partners are amazing, I really cannot speak highly enough of them! At times I felt destitute and I would talk to Andrew and  always come away feeling positive.  I am so happy I made that first move!