Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) are the fastest growing in the Australian superannuation industry.  A Self Managed Superannuation Fund gives you greater control over how your superannuation is invested, enabling you to direct your retirement.

At WealthPartners we specialise in providing dedicated SMSF advice.  Whether you have an existing SMSF or would like to establish one, our specialist advisers understand the issues and complexities involved in establishing and managing a SMSF fund and can guide you through the process, ensuring that your SMSF is continuing to work for your needs.

WealthPartners 5 Steps to a successful SMSF:


Is it right for you?
Whilst growing in popularity and gaining much attention in the media, a SMSF does not suit everyone.  Our experienced WealthPartners Advisers can quickly assess whether you would benefit from implementing an SMSF strategy and advise you accordingly.


Establishing your SMSF
An SMSF fund requires careful planning and a long-term strategy. If you do not already have a fund established, WealthPartners can advise you according to latest market and legislative information and can work with their alliance partners or your existing professional service providers to establish your fund and implement your personalised strategy.


Maintaining your fund
Whether your fund is new or has been established for some time, WealthPartners can ensure your it remains compliant and that you have all the necessary audit and reporting documentation when required.  If you already have a fund in place, WealthPartners can review your strategy and provide advice where required.


Ongoing Commitment
Our regular review process will ensure that you remain on track to meet your goals for your retirement.  We will also identify any changes to your objectives or changes required to your strategy to ensure your goals can become a reality


With WealthPartners you are able to take control of your future and play an active role in planning for your retirement.  Our experience has shown us that when our clients feel involved, they have a greater level of commitment to the ongoing process and therefore achieve better results.


Our SMSF Services

  • SMSF Specific Advice
  • Professional Advisers Liaison
  • Access to the AMP accredited service provider for establishment and administration services
  • Ensuring compliance of your fund
  • Access to Accredited Share Broker
  • Reporting via service provider and/or a snapshot of investments upon request

 Your Dreams + Our Experience = A Happy and Successful Retirement

Your Dreams + Our Experience = Success

If you would like to know more about Self Managed Superannuation funds or would like to discuss if it is appropriate for you, please contact the office to arrange an appointment.