After speaking with a number of financial planners from various organisations, we made a decision to work with Andrew Heaven and WealthPartners.  The primary reason for this was his ability and willingness to provide financial advice that took into consideration important tax concerns, which many of the other planners we had spoken to did not mention.

Andrew and his team had come highly recommended from within his industry, and his very professional approach, attention to detail, first class technical knowledge and helpful, well-mannered team have not let us down.  I can always get hold of Andrew when I need to and have never had to wait more than a few hours for a return phone call.

As I have an accounting background, I appreciate that Andrew allows me the opportunity to pitch my thoughts to find the best approach.

I know that in coming months there are important decisions that I need to make which will not be easy.  However, my wife and I have complete confidence that we will be able to analyse our options with Andrew and reach the desired outcome.

Andrew is a very approachable and pleasant business man which is often hard to find in today’s competitive business world.  If all the service providers I deal with exhibited the same level of professionalism as Andrew and his team, it would make business far more pleasant.

–     Roger Sleeman