Most of us spend around eight hours at day at the office.   While it may seem like a long time when you first arrive at the office until the clock strikes five, your working hours can easily be wasted without even noticing.  Starting your day off on the right track will set the tone for the rest of the day.

The WealthPartners Team recently found an article from titled “14 Things You Should do at the Start of Every Work Day” with some ideas on ways to start your work day.  The first few hours of your day are important in setting your productivity and attitude.

While there are 14 points in the article, three of the ideas stood out the most to the WealthPartners Team.  Kunal Kotwal, Adam Crabbe, and John Grenshaw share their views below.

Starting the day with a clean slate is a good way to finish any activities that carried over from the previous day with a fresh point of view.   This will help ensure that each day starts off new and not carrying over any negativity from the day before.

John Grenshaw, one of the practice principals says, “I sense a great feeling of satisfaction if I am able to leave the office knowing that I have achieved all of my daily tasks because firstly I do not need to carry-over mental clutter often caused by procrastination and secondly I know that I am well placed to deal with all the challenges the new working day brings in an organized manner.”

Arriving on time is probably one of the easiest ways to ensure that you, as well as others who may depend on you, have a productive start to the day.  It will also help you feel like you have accomplished more throughout the day.

Kunal Kotwal, our Investment Specialist and Wealth Adviser agrees that arriving on time is very beneficial to having a productive day, “Not arriving on time is disrespectful to others’ time.  If you can not arrive on time, others may question your ability to complete more complex tasks.”

Placing important calls and sending urgent e-mails at the beginning of your day helps ensure that you are able to contact the people that you need to and will have the information you need to complete the rest of your day.  Waiting until later in the day means you will be waiting around longer for the answers you may need.

Adam Crabbe, our Risk Insurance Specialist always makes sure he gets his phone calls and emails taken care of as soon as possible,It helps prioritise those tasks which are more urgent and allows me to allocate more time for those more complex cases”

Here are the rest of the ways to help you start your day off right:

  • Take a deep breath
  • Take five
  • Don’t be moody
  • Organize your day
  • Be present
  • Check in with your colleagues
  • Ensure your work space is organized
  • Listen to your voicemail
  • Take advantage of your cleared head
  • Plan a mid-morning break


What are some other activities that you to at the beginning of your work day to help keep you going?