Did you know….

1.  On average 305,000 babies are born every year, with a life expectancy of 81.8 years.
2.  Almost 2 in 5 Australian kids have a long term condition that has lasted 6 months or more.
3.  With 583 diagnosed with cancer every year.
4.  Last year, more than 121,000 couples were married.
5.  But more than 48,000 couples were divorced.
6.  Nearly 10% of Australian full time workers leave work due to chronic illness.
7.  Almost 1 in 5 Australians will experience a mental disorder.
8.  The average Australian consumes 10.1 litres of pure alcohol, 1,915 cigarettes and 18 litres of ice cream a year.
9.  61% of Australian adults are overweight. 40% of which are obese.
10.  The average retirement age in Australia is 53.3.
11.  13% of retirees report no main income source in retirement.
12.  Around 4 million Australians are living with a disability.
13.  4 in 10 Australian families pay no tax

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Source:  CommInsure