Originally posted on 17 June 2011

I came across this article and found it very interesting.  It is another piece which supports WealthPartners’ previous newsletter articles and email communications about the importance of long term investment strategy and the risks associated with trying to ‘time’ the market.   The article does not talk about investment performance as such, but highlights the role that the media plays in creating hype – sometimes ‘panic’ – often unnecessarily. Whilst we encourage debate and critical analysis from the media, we think it is important to consider the role that this can play when making important financial decisions.

With our hunger for information and the ability to access it – anytime, anywhere – it seems that the Australian news-space is saturated with economic statistics, television programs and specific publications. The key is how to filter this information!


The advisers at WealthPartners are here to help you make sense of the economic and financial information that flows through to us all from many different quarters. Part of our work is to help you filter what is relevant and applicable to your financial goals and ambitions.


John Grenshaw