In October 2018, the Australian Government established a Royal Commission into Aged Care & Safety. The Royal Commission was asked to look at how older people are cared for and identify any changes required to make aged care services better for older Australians.

The Royal Commission wants feedback from the public on the broad issues of aged care services, including what works well and why things go wrong. They are asking and investigating:

  • How can we make sure that aged care homes and services provide and safe care?
  • What can be done so there are enough good quality aged care homes and services in the community for all the people who need them?
  • Are there enough good quality services in remote, rural and regional Australia?
  • What are the best ways to help and care for people living with dementia and younger people with disabilities who are living in aged care homes?

The Commissioners are required an interim report 31 October 2019, and a final report by 30 April 2020.

WealthPartners offers comprehensive Aged Care advice and services for clients and their families. We welcome the Royal Commission and its findings and look forward to improved standards of care for Australia’s ageing population.

What should be done when considering Aged Care for a parent or loved one? There is a range of questions to be considered.

  • How long is it safe or in the best interests of a loved one to stay in the family home?
  • What home care options are available and what Government support can you apply for?
  • If home care is not an option, how do you select an appropriate facility and manage the costs?
  • Is proximity to family or friends more important for your loved one in their final years?
  • Is their Estate planning up to date? This includes an Enduring Powers of Attorney, Enduring Guardianship and a valid Will?
  • What financial options need to be considered to fund care costs?
  • How do you ensure all family members are on the same page?

From experience, the sooner you start the conversation about Aged Care needs and start answering the questions above, the easier it is to manage a stressful and traumatic time.

Please contact our office to receive a complimentary copy of our “Guide to Aged Care Planning” and “Steps to Enter an Aged Care Home”. Alternatively, you can arrange a time to discuss your current situation and seek advice for this important stage in life for a parent or loved one.

Source: written by YMD on behalf of WealthPartners.