Welcome to the Autumn (and new look) edition of Wealth & Health. As our business grows, we have decided to change the format of our newsletters so that we can have regular updates from each of our divisions and specialist advisers.

In this edition, our Risk Specialist, Guy Buchanan, shares an important article about the importance of identifying ‘key’ people in your organisation and ensuring you are covered should they no longer be willing or able to contribute to your business. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to do this and then fail to exist once the key person is no longer involved.

Do you always dread your birthday? Now you can actually look forward to getting older as our Retirement Specialist, Maryam Fathi gives an insight into how turning older can actually create great wealth creation opportunities via superannuation. If you are over 55 and have not implemented a ‘transition to retirement’ plan, then you could be missing out!

Our Debt and Lending Specialist, Bill Rainger is passionate about ensuring his clients’ debts are continually working for them (not against them). In saying this, he has included an article which reiterates the importance of regularly reviewing your debts to ensure that you have an efficient plan in place and that all debts are working to achieve your ultimate financial goals.

Finally, we would like to welcome Margaret to our team. Get to know her in our profile section in the link below.

We hope you enjoy this edition and welcome any enquiries you may have.

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The WealthPartners Team