Welcome to the Autumn edition of Wealth & Health. We are particularly excited about this special edition and really hope you enjoy it!

We know that the relationships and contacts that we have with various fund managers and their decision makers are key in our ability to provide you with excellent advice.

In this issue, our investment Specialist, Kunal Kotwal shares his one-on-one interview with Hamish Douglass, a Portfolio Manager with Magellan Financial Group.

“We maintain very close relationships with the funds which are included in our model portfolios. This means we get access to personalized Q&A time with the people that run the money. I would like to thank Magellan Financial Group for allowing us access to their Portfolio Manager – Hamish Douglass to provide his insights” – Kunal Kotwal

We are also pleased to welcome a new member to the WealthPartners team. Chris Lau has joined us as an Associate Adviser and will be working with Bill in the Debt & Lending division.

Also featured is some information regarding the importance of planning for aged care. Planning for aged care provides certainty, minimises stress, and ensures that you maximise entitlements and inheritances. This is the introduction for a more detailed article which will feature in our Winter edition – don’t miss it!

We would really love your feedback regarding our first Investment Insight article and look forward to bringing you more throughout the year. A full copy of the article is also available on our website.

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