Welcome to the Spring edition of Wealth & Health for 2014

Having a family is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Raising kids requires a great deal of love, patience, a good sense of humour and of course a healthy bank balance. In this edition, we have included an article on how to prepare for the long journey and costs of raising a family.

As we have just entered the 13th consecutive month of historically low-interest rates, it is no surprise that many clients are asking us whether they should consider fixing their interest rates on any debt. We have addressed this question in our article titled ‘To Fix or Not To Fix’.

Centrelink have changed the Deeming rules which means that there is currently a small window of opportunity for you to ensure that your pension entitlements are maximised going forward.

See our article inside to ensure you are on track to live the retirement lifestyle you have always imagined. Our Retirement Specialist, Maryam Fathi has also prepared a more detailed article on this topic, please CLICK HERE ACT NOW to protect your retirement dreams to read.

Finally, we are very pleased to welcome Aliya Adili to our team. Aliya is new to the financial industry and is currently working towards obtaining a Diploma in Financial Planning. We include a full introduction of Aliya inside.

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We hope you enjoy this edition and welcome any feedback or enquiries.