Welcome to the Winter edition of Wealth & Health and the beginning of a new financial year.  In our last newsletter (Autumn), we featured an article highlighting some of the issues and questions around planning for aged care. A copy of this article is available on our website. In this issue, we delve further into the subject, which as time goes by will continue to have an impact on many families.

It may surprise you to know that 43% of Australian adults hold investments in Direct Shares. With this in mind, we have included an article which looks at Direct Shares, their potential advantages, and the importance of seeking advice.

If you have not already done so, then it is time you checked out our ‘Q & A with The Coach’ page on our website. Updated weekly, this page includes information which is published in The Australian every Saturday, featuring commentary provided by our own Andrew Heaven. To ensure you receive it weekly, LIKE us on Facebook!

Finally, we would like to welcome David Luciani to the WealthPartners team as our Corporate Services
Specialist. We have also included some quick facts to help you get to know David.

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