Welcome to the Winter edition of Wealth & Health for 2014

As we embark on another financial year, we want to emphasise the importance of planning ahead. With this in mind, our article below looks at the implications of this year’s budget announcement, and includes insights from Andrew Heaven and Bill Rainger as to how you can maximise opportunities this financial year.

One of Andrew Heaven’s clients has been kind enough to share his experience and reasons why he chooses to work with Andrew and the WealthPartners team. We include his story inside.

Insurance is one of those topics that most Australians do not wish to think about or discuss. Perhaps this is why as a nation we are grossly underinsured. Do you know if you and your family would survive financially if you were unable to work? Our article addresses how you can close your insurance

Finally, we are very pleased to welcome David Rodgers to our team. David joins us as a financial adviser and has over 20 years’ experience in the industry. We include an introduction on David inside.