I first met Chris Lau and Bill Rainger in November 2013, not long after I had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Being a single mum I was very concerned.  Not only was I very worried about my health, but also about my financial situation and how I would be able to pay for any of my treatment costs. Up until that point I had always put off seeking financial advice.  I had paid additional contributions into my Super and just assumed this money would form part of my estate that would eventually go to my daughter.

I am in a private health fund however I was advised that there would be a gap in the costs for my treatment of at least $16,000-$20,000.

I needed some good advice, and to find out if there were any circumstances under which I could access funds from my Super to pay for the treatment.  It was at this point that a good friend referred me to Bill Rainger and Chris Lau at WealthPartners.

Bill and Chris were wonderful and helped me every step of the way.  Whilst, I was eligible to put a claim in to recoup some of my treatment costs, my Super fund seemed quite reluctant to pay out.

Human Services were managing the process on behalf of my Super fund however it was difficult to get any clear information and it really became clear that they were trying to make the whole process too hard.

Chris was amazing.  He acted as a conduit for me.  Checking all the information before it was submitted and following up on my behalf. Bill and Chris were like a breath of fresh air, they knew what they were doing. They both really helped me so much, I can’t recommend them highly enough. They supported me and gave me the strength to keep submitting documentary evidence, even when I was really worn down by the whole process.

After months of back and forth, my case finally went for review and an external reviewer deemed that they had assessed it incorrectly. In the end – I got approximately 75% of what we were claiming for.

I highly recommend getting independent advice from people you trust. Bill was so easy to talk to when I first met him, and Chris was always very focused on what we needed to do, he is very solutions focused. They also gave me valuable advice, like asking the hospital for a payment plan.  These were things that I would never have considered but made such a difference to my situation.

Wendy – November 2014